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All You Need To Know About Immunotherapy

Allergy is something that we all suffer from, be it something or the other. The illness as lightly curated, at times leads to greater troubles. Under no given condition we can take our allergies lightly. There aren’t permanent solutions to allergies, but yes there are now, long term solutions available for Allergies which have long lasting effects.
Allergy Shots are permanent solutions to your allergies in today’s world. All you need to do is get an allergy shot, (immunotherapy.) allergy shots finds its use in Allergic rhinitis, Allergic asthma, Conjunctivitis, insect stings etc. 
Allergy shots basically work like vaccines, our body is given doses of the allergen in gradually increasing amount, and our body develops immunity towards that allergen.

There are two phases in which the Allergy shots work -

1.Build up Phase - Build up Phase basically involves of increasing amount of doses of allergens, it can last from 3 to 6      months. 
2.Maintenance phase - Maintenance Phase begins when an effective dose of the allergen is reached in our bodies.The maintenance phase depends on the effective sensitivity and our body’s response to the allergen.

People start noticing the improvement in the Build Up Phase, but it takes our bodies for at least twelve months of the build up phase to notice the proper improvement.  When the allergy shots work for our bodies, the maintenance treatment goes around for three to five years. 

Talking of suitability, Allergy shots are effective for both kids and adults, but kids under the age of 5 are recommended to not to take this treatment, since they might have difficulty in going through the process and articulating any adverse symptom that they may encounter. 
How to decide whether to go for Immunotherapy or not?
You may base your decision of whether going for Allergy shots or not, based on the following points.
1.The severity of your Allergy 
2.How well are medications working for you.
3.If you have the time to devote to the treatment.
4.Cost, though the amount of money varies according to respective treatments. 

The effectiveness of Allergy Shots -

Allergy shots give long term results, they are seen to lessen the effects of Allergies, and they even prevent the development of new Allergies in our bodies. It even prevents the progression of the diseases, like it prevents the progression of Allergic Rhinitis to Asthma. The result of the treatment also depends on the duration for which the treatment was taken and the amount of allergen that was given to the body. In most of the cases you experience relief even post the treatment is over, while in few cases you may not experience the effects post the treatment.

Another way in which immunotherapy can be administered is by SLIT (Sub Lingual Immunotherapy). It is an alternative way to treat allergies without injection. In this procedure, after testing the sensitiveness of the patient by allergic testing, an allergen is prepared for the patient in drop or tablet form. Having being tried for around 20 years now, it is relatively safe, and is very effective as well. In fact there is hardly any side effect that occurs with this procedure. It is the best treatment prescribed by the allergists. 
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