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Allergy Shots versus Allergy Pills

Allergy Shots or Allergy Pills, a question that triggers most of us, when we think of undergoing this treatment. Immunotherapy, a treatment that promises long term solution to your allergic issues, has two ways in which the dose can be given to you. The two ways in the dose of immunotherapy is administered into our bodies, on in the form of shots (injection) other in the form of pills. There has always been an inquisitiveness regarding, which of the two ways is better. The answer can be varied based on your requirements. 
Allergy shots are a long lasting treatment for allergy; they are given in the form of shots (injections) , in this the dose of allergen is given to your body in gradually increasing amount, so that your body gradually develops a resistance against that allergen. It is basically divided into phases, Build Up Phase & Maintenance Phase. In the Build Up Phase the correct dose of allergen is determined which is suitable based on your body’s sensitivity and the kind of allergy you are suffering form.
In the maintenance phase, when the appropriate dose of the allergen is determined then, it helps to maintain that dose, so that we can reach effective results with that phase. 
When it comes oral administration of the allergen, it is done in two ways, be it in the form of pills or drops. In both the cases, the allergen is administered below the tongue. SLIT is a relatively safer procedure when it comes to choosing which form of immunotherapy you should go for.
Talking of risks involved with immunotherapy, basically there is very risks involved with immunotherapy, nausea, itching, redness, swelling etc. these symptoms occur within half an hour when the dose is administered, therefore it is advised to not to leave the clinic before half an hour post treatment. Generally immunotherapy is not recommended for kids, since they may face difficulty in articulating the effects of the treatment. 
Here comes the upper hand of SLIT versus allergy shots, while kids may face some issues with the process treatment of allergy shots, but when it comes to SLIT(Sublingual Immunotherapy),  it is a comparatively easier process therefore even kids can go for it. SLIT is the best form of immunotherapy as prescribed by the allergists. 
If you need to choose, which form of immunotherapy you should go for, you should always consult your allergist, who would identify the severity of your allergy and recommend the best treatment for you likewise. 
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