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A Guide To All Common Dental Troubles And Their Easy Cures

Teeth are the most important part of our body; they have most number of functions than any other body part. Not just eating, is what a teeth does, a teeth has multidisciplinary roles and functions. A tooth not just helps you physically but it also helps in overall development of our personality. A mere issue with our teeth takes our whole world for a toll. So taking care of them is of utmost importance.
Now at times the “crown of our lives” goes through a rough phase. And let’s face it we all shy away from visiting our dentist in gurgaon, due to various reasons. Now there are a lot of common ailments of our teeth, which we tend to ignore, not keeping in mind that, our ignorance today, can lead to greater problems in the future. 
There are ways through which these problems can be treated at an early stage, and that crown of yours can be “intact”
Let’s have a look at the common problems of our teeth and their easy cures.
Tooth Decay - Also known as tooth cavity, is a condition that occurs when we allow sugar or starch to linger on to our teeth for very long.
Aren’t we all aware of this problem, and nearly most of us suffer with it. Many of us take it lightly as well, it being such a common ailment, but little do we know that it can lead to a lot greater teeth troubles in the future. 
Easy Cure - The first thing that you should do is, don’t give plaque a chance. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, twice daily. Floss regularly. Last but not the least, if you spot cavity in your teeth, visit your dentist immediately.
Gum Disease - Gum disease is basically a bacterial infection caused by plaque. It attacks gums, bones, ligaments which keep our teeth in place. Early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis, whereas the later stage is known as periodontitis.
Easy Cure - Here the first step that is required is, seeing your dentist regularly, tell your dentist if you feel any tenderness or bleeding with your teeth, your dentist would examine your condition. Gingivitis can be treated with regular brushing and flossing, but for periodontitis a deep cleaning around your teeth is required and if the infection has reached the roots, then your dentist might have to perform a surgery, such as “gum draft.”
Enamel Erosion – Excessive exposure to citrus drinks or soda can wear the surface down the teeth. Over brushing can also have the similar effect near the gum lines.
Easy Cure- First of all, change your habits.  Skip sodas and switch to water. If required, then the enamel of the teeth can be restored with a bonding material. 
Dry Mouth - Dry mouth is also known as xerostomia. Dry mouth occurs when there is a decrease in the flow of saliva in our mouth. It is not just uncomfortable; it increases the chances of cavity in our mouth since saliva washes away the bacteria. 
Easy cure- Always keep sugarless gum handy, avoid caffeine, tobacco and drink plenty of water. Once you notice a dry mouth, visit your dentist immediately. Your dentist would recommend some moisturizing gels, rinses which can help in the proper functioning of the salivary glands.

No matter how much we busy in our day to day lives, one most important habit that we should maintain is visiting our dentist regularly.