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Is Music increasing the risk of Hearing risk in Teenagers?

Anything done in excess can have negative results. Exposure to loud music can have a damaging effect on the ears. Ears are an important body organ and the eardrum is the most sensitive area of this organ. Hearing music is a common hobby which is shared by many. But hearing loud music for long hours and at repeated intervals have a negative effect on the ears. Technology also has made contributions in this field. Hearing the iPods, MP3 or smart phones continuously for long hours has an adverse effect on the organ. But this alone is not to be blamed. The alarming increase in noise pollution created in public areas is another contributing factor towards the increasing hears loss among teenagers.

Hearing loud music tortuously for more than 8 hours is not recommended as per medical advice. Teenagers have the habit of aping their contemporaries without realizing the ill effects of the particular action. The teenagers often have the tendency of turning a deaf ear to their parent’s advice and they consider their friends to be their only well wishers. The tendencies are normal but one should know to draw a line. The factors which can make damage hearing are listed below:

·         Though genetic issue can be a main reason for hear loss, yet repeated exposure to loud music is fast becoming a major factor contributing to the issue.

·         Close proximity to the speakers in places like night clubs or functions can account to the damage of hearing.

·         Every individual has separate tendencies and thus what may be normal for one may not be the same for the other. It depends from person to person. Some are susceptible to noise which can be any kind of noise

·         Noise pollution.

Some of the signs which indicate towards the problem are:

·         If there is any pain in the ear, report it to the doctor.

·         Numbness in the ear after exposure to loud music.

·         Ringing feeling in the ears.

·         Reduced hearing

If the teenager is faced with such symptoms, the visit to the ENT becomes essential. Prevention is better than cure. Know your limits for everything and thus anything done in moderation is the best thing and if this simple tip is followed, then several problems can be avoided.