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All You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Experiencing pain in the tooth? Formation of swelling? A visit to the dentist becomes inevitable. During the dental visit, you may come across the term root canal treatment. It is a common terminology used in the dental stream for the treatment of the tooth decay. Suddenly the mind starts ringing with the stories and experiences of others who have gone through the same treatment and a feeling of scare can engulf the mind. But things have changed now. Root canal treatment or RCT has become a normal dental procedure which can be completed sans pain. The causes which lead to this stage can be as follows:
•         Tooth decay due to poor dental and oral care.
•         A sudden or accidental chipped tooth
•         The soft tissue inside the root can become infected which can cause pain.
•         Sensitivity while eating or drinking something cold or hot.
•         Tenderness of the gum tissues.
These symptoms clearly indicate that a RCT is required. RCT is a type of endodontic treatment. “Endo” means inside and “odont” means tooth. These are Greek terms. Thus the root canal means the treatment of the inner tooth. The dentist does the removal of the infection by cleaning the pulp and the inside of the root. Then it is neatly cleared and the space is filled. Once the process of clearing is completed, the patient has to return to the dentist for the placement of the crown or the cap. This is important because it helps in the restoration and the protection of the tooth. Thus the tooth looks normal like before.

Few facts which should be known about RCT
•       Contrary to belief, RCT has become a painless procedure.  This has been possible due to the latest technology and the effect of anesthesia. The procedure can be effectively completed in 2-3 sittings. This also depends and varies from patient to patient. Some patients even get it done in a single sitting though the dentist always recommends at least two sessions.
•       It goes a natural appearance to the tooth after the procedure.
•       Capping is an essential finish to the procedure as it gives longevity to the tooth. The restoration process kind of gets permanency with the crown.
•      Chewing can be done normally with the treated tooth. It is just like any other normal tooth.
•       It also protects other teeth from unnecessary wear and tear over the period of time.

Regular visit to the dentist is a must. This can ensure healthy teeth and oral care habits.

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